The Team(work) Challenge

The Team(work) ChallengeOctober 24th - November 22nd


20 classes in 30 days.

One challenge, four tracks to choose from.

Better (endurance)
Improve everything: Athleticism, mobility, stability, strength, power, speed, and agility.
Faster (run)
Improve your run. Steadily increase mileage with incremental programming designed to improve your time and draw attention to your energy expenditure.
Stronger (lift)
Improve your strength. Increase range and draw attention to your mind-muscle connection. Focus on breathing and tempo with programming explicitly designed to emphasize the importance of good form.
YOU (your choice)
Do it your way. Set a plan that works for you and stick to it. The only rule? 20 classes in 30 days.

Each week, you’ll receive a recommended training schedule and a pro tip from a Barry’s instructor to help you maximize every rep (or run). Keep an eye on your inbox for #mondaymotivation.

Take the Challenge

All classes must be taken by one participant and can be taken in any participating studio (US and Canada only). Any class package or membership can be used to complete the challenge (including At-Home classes). Each challenge finisher is eligible for one prize. You’ll have the choice of a genderless tank, a beanie, or a corkcicle. Prizes are first come, first served and are not for sale. If you have your eye on something specific, reach the finish line early to make sure you get it!


Do I need to sign up for the challenge?
Yes, all challenge participants need to sign up.
Do classes in other regions count towards the challenge?
Yes. All classes (including those taken in open studios, Outdoors, Barry's Ride, and through Barry's At-Home) will count towards the challenge.
Do I need to buy a special package to participate?
No, you can use any class package or membership to complete the challenge.
Is there a prize for finishers?
Yes! Those who complete the challenge will get to choose between a tank, a beanie, or a corkcicle (prizes are first come, first served).
I just started at Barry’s. Can I do this?
Yes. This is the perfect challenge to start your Barry's journey. Each week, you'll receive "track-specific" pro tips to keep your motivation up!
Do all classes count?
Yes-- if you're registered, all classes count towards the challenge. This includes the Red Room, Barry's Outdoors, and Barry's At-Home.
Can I change my track halfway through the challenge?
No, once you choose your track, you'll stick with it. Still unsure on which track to choose? Do "YOU!"
What if I want to receive the pro tips for other challenge tracks?
You will! If you're taking the challenge, you'll get a weekly update with pro-tips for each track.
Do I have to follow the recommended programming?
The recommended programming is available for those who’d like an extra layer of motivation and accountability. The programming is not required for challenge completion - follow the advice of our trainers or have it your way!
What is the Benchmark?
The benchmark is one way you can measure your progress throughout the challenge, but isn’t required for challenge completion.